Fans Unite – USA Network’s hit show White Collar deserves more!

Although Fox Television Studios and NBC’s USA Network have renewed their core “blue sky” series, White Collar, for season 6, it’s the details that have fans dissatisfied.

Review: White Collar 5.13– “Diamond Exchange”

The season 5 finale of White Collar might appear like a simple close the case of the season caper, but the twist at the end leaves us wondering what lies ahead for Neal Caffrey, ASAC Peter Burke and the series in general.

Review: White Collar 5.12– “Taking Stock”

Agent Diana Berrigan is back on duty taking down bad guys with the Fed’s White Collar team. But as she, ASAC Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey and the others discover, sometimes the bad guys don’t stay down

Review: White Collar 5.11– “Shot Through the Heart”

As the suave conman Neal Caffrey learns the hard way, what seems too good to be true sometimes is. Even love.

Review: White Collar 5.10– “Live Feed”

With the gap between ASAC Peter Burke and his favorite CI, Neal Caffrey, appearing to get bigger, a revealing ending might just bridge it. (Bridge it. Bridget. See what I did there?)

Review: White Collar 5.09– “No Good Deed”

They say the truth hurts. When ASAC Peter Burke learns the truth about his friend and CI, Neal Caffrey, in this episode of White Collar, he would likely agree.

Review: White Collar 5.08– “Digging Deeper”

When ASAC Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey go on a case to hunt down a missing dinosaur skeleton, Peter unearths Neal’s new relationship in the process.

Review: White Collar 5.07– “Quantico Closure”

If you take an old flame, add a suspicious wife and toss in some classified ops to stir the pot, you get the saucy brew featured in this episode of White Collar.

Review: White Collar 5.06– “Ice Breaker”

FBI Agent Peter Burke’s on ice (but not on the rocks) while Neal Caffrey chews gum, and scenery, as our boys hit the streets and skating rinks of New York’s Little Odessa to nab a Russian crime mob.

Review: White Collar 5.05- “Master Plan”

Is there no end to Neal’s skills? Apparently not, as in this episode of White Collar, he helps a case as an undercover butler. And of course, looks like a million bucks doing it.