Review: Person of Interest – “Mors Praematura”

The title of the episode “Mors Praematura,” meaning “by any means necessary” says it all. The Machine has a number and a mission. She needs two teams to accomplish both. Enter Shaw and Root as a team which is a truly scary thing in action.

Review: Person of Interest “Razgovor”

Shaw is forced to face some of her demons when she is confronted by the most unlikely opponent, a ten-year-old spy who is determined to shut down the drug trade in her neighborhood. This episode brings Shaw backstory and above average amounts of action.

Review: Person of Interest “Lady Killer”

As the title would have you assume this episode centers on a guy that is a hit with the ladies. Double meaning, he may also be killing the ladies. Literally. It also gives them a chance for the great looking women of the show to go undercover to catch him in the act.

TV Review: Person of Interest “Nothing to Hide”

This week’s episode seems to be the polar opposite of the last, with a much more complicated case. Everyone still pitched in to figure out if the number (Kruger) was going to be the victim or perpetrator. On an interesting note the Machine was frantically adjusting its calculations on Kruger as the episode progressed as well. Read more about TV Review: Person of Interest “Nothing to Hide”