Donate to “Muzzled”, A Web Musical Project With Juliet Landau

Imagine a kingdom where a song can be the ultimate power, and how some people are keeping it from others. That’s the premise of “Muzzled”, a proposed web musical that’s using Kickstarter to raise 45 thousand dollars. With a cast that includes Juliet Landau and Kevin Sorbo, that goal may be reached.


On Monday, December 10 at 9PM (ET/PT), the Syfy Channel will celebrate two decades of award-winning, imaginative entertainment programming during the star-studded Syfy 20th Anniversary Special.

From iconic series such as Farscape, Battlestar Galactica and Warehouse 13 to Ghost Hunters, Face Off and the upcoming transmedia experience Defiance, the special will look back on Syfy’s launch and evolution, and ahead to the future through the personal, behind-the-scenes insights of the creative talent themselves. Read more about HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYFY!