Paley Fest 2014 Line-Up and Tickets On Sale

Line-up for PaleyFest 2014 has been announced.

SDCC 2013 Press Room- The Tomorrow People

We caught up with the cast and crew of the new sci fi thriller while at San Diego Comic Con. The CW gives new meaning to word ‘homegrown’ with this one by not only …..

SDCC 2008: Lost

In a packed Hall H auditorium, the lights went down to show clips from some of the special features on the upcoming Lost season 4 DVD box set. Included was a documentary about the Oceanic 6 conspiracy and cast interviews. Once that was over, showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff (wearing a "Trust Snape" T-shirt) stepped onto the stage. "We’re excited to be in the small room this year," joked Damon. "It’s just like a living room. Very casual conversation," added Carlton, referring to the crowd of 6500 fans. This is the first year the Comic-Con organizers have put TV presentations in the massive room. The two were seated by a large box with the Dharma Initiative octagon logo with a question mark in the middle. They started the panel by plugging, saying that they and the cast were offering autographs to benefit Stand Up to Cancer.

SDCC 2007: Lost

LOST co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse were at San Diego’s Comic-Con on Thursday to unveil the new LOST video game and to answer fan questions about upcoming seasons of the show. The capacity crowd was first treated to a short video clip entitled “Exploring the World of Others” which showed several cast and production team members talking about the show. It looked very much like a DVD extra (the season 3 DVD set comes out on December 11th). The men of the hour came out afterwards and found that their microphones didn’t work. Once that was sorted, they showed some rough cuts of the upcoming LOST video game from Ubisoft. Despite the fact that these scenes were supposed to be early renderings, characters and locations from the show were easily identifiable. The producers were eager to get to the questions, but first they explained their system for preventing inadvertent spoilers at the panel. They each had a bell that one would ring if he felt that the other was giving too much away.