Comic Patrol w/ Bryant the Comic Book Slayer – 1.31.14

Greetings, comic book sniffers!

Here’s your weekly dose of Whedon geek news – sequential art!!! This was the week that Serenity has found wind beneath its wings once more (at Dark Horse Comics)! All you Browncoats be sure and enjoy it!

‘Serenity: Leaves on the Wind’ #1 – Advance Comic Book Review – About Gorram Time (and Thanks a Bunch, Joss & Co.)

Ever since Dark Horse Comics became the “House of Joss Whedon” in the comic book world, fans have been clamoring for further tales of the crew of the Serenity. This latest trip into the black is highly anticipated, long awaited, and feels deeply and truly like a genuine reunion for the characters and their loyal fans.