Recap: Doctor Who Season 12 Finale, The Timeless Children

The Master takes the Doctor to Gallifrey, and show her a shocking truth. He also reveals his latest plan, and it includes the Cybermen

Recap: Doctor Who 12.9, Ascension of the Cybermen

The Doctor is trying to stop Ashad the Lone Cyberman from reviving his species and kill a small group of humans. So how does an orphaned boy fit into this story, and someone’s return?

Recap: Doctor Who 12.8, Haunting of Villa Diodati

The Doctor meets Lord Byron and the future Mary Shelley in hopes of listening to ghost stories. Instead, she meets a more shocking horror.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.7, Can You Hear Me?

The Doctor and her friends face their fears thanks to aliens who harness nightmares for their own enjoyment.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.6, Praxeus

The Doctor battles an alien disease, and somehow an astronaut, a cop, a scientist and two backpackers are involved.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.5, Fugitive of the Judoon

The Doctor tries to keep the Judoon from damaging much of Gloucester as they look for a fugitive. The surprise is not who the person is, but what.
An old friend also returns, with a message for the Doctor.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.4, Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

The Doctor meets Tesla and Edison but doesn’t get into a “current war”. She wants to know why a signal from Mars suggests someone is interested in Tesla.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.3, Orphan 55

The Doctor and her friends rest at a spa that might be too good to be true. It is. It’s trying to defend itself from deadly aliens. Who they really are was one of too many twists

Recap: Doctor Who 12.2, Spyfall, Part 2

The Master has come up with a way to destroy humanity with the help of aliens and a computer genius. The Doctor hopes to stop him with some surprising allies, while her Companions are on the run.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.1: Spyfall Part 1

Doctor Who rings in the new year with a cracking spy story that involves alien spies, a computer genius a guy named O & a shocking cliffhanger