Comic-Con ’07 – Day 4: PATHOLOGY Interviews

Pathology is a new thriller created by the brains behind Crank (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor) starring HeroesMilo Ventimiglia, alongside The L Word’s Lauren Lee Smith, The Last KissMichael Weston, and Empire RecordsJohnny Whitworth, all directed by Marc Schölermann that will open nationwide November 30th. They were out in force at Comic-Con and we scored some exclusive interviews with them to tell us all about the film.

Comic-Con ’07 – SUPERNATURAL Interviews

Whedonopolis was granted access to the Supernatural pressroom, where roundtable interviews were conducted with consulting producer/writer Ben Edlund, actor Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and show creator Eric Kripke. Even though we’d been through roundtables before for Superman: Doomsday, the experience was still very new for us, and this is how it went. The table was shared with Cindy from and Brian from

The Job – This Month’s Victim: Steve Tartalia (James Marsters’ Stunt Double)

James Marsters often speaks admiringly of Steve Tartalia, his stunt double on “Buffy” and “Angel,” during his Q&As at different conventions. Steve worked for many years in Hong Kong doing action films and then, as of season 4 of “Buffy,” became the side of Spike that faced off with the Slayer, Glory, her minions and all the baddies that showed up on “Angel” season 5. We sat down with him last week to find out how it all had come about, and this is what he told us.