2015 Upfronts: CBS

CBS unveiled its 2015-2016 primetime lineup, featuring seven new shows and 22 returning series.

Happy Anniversary to Dr. Horrible

Five years ago this week, the world met Doctor Horrible, an evil scientist with a Ph.D. in Horribleness who wanted to take over the world, and win the heart of the woman he loves.

He wound up doing more than that: he changed the world by showing that there’s more than one way to produce and present good entertainment. Just ask Netflix…or YouTube…or Hulu. Read more about Happy Anniversary to Dr. Horrible

Webseries: The New Wave of TV

It was four years ago that major TV and movie moguls claimed that online TV shows would never amount to anything. Dr. Horrible? A nice little musical, but it’s not Broadway. The Guild? A comedy about gamers would never work.

Of course they did. Not only were they successful online, they sold pretty well in the DVD market. Not only that, Dr. Horrible will be on the CW this October and The Guild will have a new season this fall, according to creator Felicia Day.

But the biggest news of all is that YouTube had a special panel during the Television Critics Association summer tour. Does this mean YouTube and other internet channels could be the new Showtime or HBO? More after the jump…. Read more about Webseries: The New Wave of TV