MST3K 11.14–At the Earth’s Core

The season finale features Doug McClure in another action movie, while Kinga plans her shotgun wedding with Jonah. It ends with a cliffhanger that might mean changes in the Satellite of Love.

MST3K 11.10 and 11: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

For the first time, the MST3K crew has to deal with a terrible sword and sorcery movie, and its even worse sequel. Also, Kinga’s grandma is back, and some romantic decisions are made.

MST3K 11.02 – Cry Wilderness

The next episode looks at “Cry Wilderness” about a boy who teams up with Bigfoot to help his dad. However, there’s sudden appearances by a tiger, a big game hunter and wise old Indian with his special necklace. It also features the return of two familiar faces.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Coming to Netflix

It’s official: Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return next year on Netflix. The new crew and creator Joel Hodgson were all over Comic-Con Saturday to spread the word, and we have the details.