The Vampire Diaries 7.22- “Gods & Monsters”

When do rescue plans ever go according to plan on The Vampire Diaries? We’re always waiting for something to go wrong and it usually does. ********Spoilers Below********* It’s not like Enzo and Damon didn’t go into the rescue mission without the possibility of one or both of them dying. That was always a possibility, but […]

The Vampire Diaries 7.21- “Requiem for a Dream”

Damon is rarely called the hero, but he certainly tries hard to be one. He’s been called selfish by many, but if he loves you, he’ll go to the end of the earth to save you. Can he save Bonnie?

The Vampire Diaries 7.18- “One Way or Another”

This episode wasn’t quite as intense as the ones before, because we knew Stefan would be fine. It was just the how Damon was going to save his brother that was the question.

The Vampire Diaries 7.17- “I Went to the Woods”

Just when you breathe a sigh of relief that Stefan is not lost forever, you realize it’s not over yet. Stefan may not be dead, but he’s not safe yet. There’s still a long way to go before we can relax.

The Vampire Diaries 7.16- “Days of Future Past”

I went into this episode being warned that we would be “losing some beloved characters,” but it still didn’t prepare me for what was to come. Where does The Vampire Diaries go from here?

The Vampire Diaries 7.15- “I Would For You”

We saw as Mystical Falls fell into chaos and now we’ve caught up with the flash forwards, but maybe everything isn’t as different as we originally thought.

The Vampire Diaries 7.14- “Moonlight on the Bayou”

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a crossover episode and this one gave us everything we were waiting for.

The Vampire Diaries 7.13- “This Woman’s Work”

We’ve known for a while now that Steroline was doomed, we just didn’t know how it happened. There’s nothing that can prepare you for the end, only hope that maybe one day they will be reunited.

The Vampire Diaries 7.12- “Postcards from the Edge”

If it wasn’t for the flash forwards, I’d be terrified for just about everyone. No one seems to be safe, luckily we know who will, at least, be alive in the future. So, we can rest a little easy. The state of their well being is another question.