Review: Merlin 5.05 – “The Disir”

In this week’s episode of “Merlin”, Arthur’s fate draws ever closer.  But what is the difference between fate and destiny?  This is the question Arthur wonders aloud as both he and Merlin are directly faced with the elements that could bring about both his and Camelot’s destruction.  The episode weaves these elements together expertly, leaving us feeling just as concerned as Merlin is.
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“Another’s Sorrow”: Merlin Season 5 Episode 4 Review!

Just like I said she would be, Morgana is back in this week’s episode of Merlin, “Another’s Sorrow”.  She even has a new goth princess hairstyle, looking like Amy Lee of the band Evanescence, and operating from her new stronghold in the kingdom of Nemeth.  I’m still not quite sure how she’s still alive.  She must be like Rasputin or a cat because just when you think she’s dead, there she is again!  I could have sworn that Mordred stabbed her two episodes ago.  Apparently not.  Time to move on.  Remember… spoilers ahead Read more about “Another’s Sorrow”: Merlin Season 5 Episode 4 Review!

Cast of Merlin Reflect on Their Experiences as the Show Culminates in Series 5.

Amy Hirschman was fortunate to speak with a few members of the cast– Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Arthur), and Katie McGrath (Morgana). They gave her their take on everything from the show’s final filming to their favorite guest stars.