New Episodes of Teen Wolf and Sweet/Vicious on MTV Tonight

On Teen Wolf tonight — STILES IS BACK!! Well, sort of… And on Sweet/Vicious, Jules and Ophelia plan the takedown of a sleazy ride-share driver, but their plan takes a wrong turn.

Scream 2.04- “Happy Birthday to Me”

It’s all about torturing Audrey and Brooke.

Scream 2.03- “Vacancy”

This season isn’t about taking out the popular kids, it’s about playing with Audrey’s conscience.

SDCC 2015: Teen Wolf

There was plenty to howl about for Teen Wolf fans at SDCC this year.

SDCC 2015: Teen Wolf Breaks Good News at Panel!

MTV announced at the Teen Wolf panel that the highly popular series (now in it’s fifth season) is renewed for a sixth season!

MTV Hosts “Teen Wolf” Fan Art Exhibit in NYC

For the first time ever in television history, MTV is taking fandom to the next level, celebrating “Teen Wolf” fans with a week-long exhibit featuring the work of select commissioned artists.

Review: Teen Wolf 4.02 – “117”

The pack try to understand what was done to Derek & how to fix it. Kate is back to retrieve something she needs, forcing the gang to turn to the person they trust the least for help.

Review: Teen Wolf 4.01 – “The Dark Moon”

The wolf pack, along with new members Kira and Malia, travel to Mexico to confront the Calaveras hunters and negotiate for Derek’s release.

Review: Teen Wolf 3.21 – “The Fox and The Wolf”

The mystery of the familiar face in an old photo is resolved. An important clue to defeating their enemy is revealed through the story of a World War II Japanese-American internment camp. Nogitsune Stiles uses Kira’s father to get to Kira’s mother, the kitsune, Noshiko.

Picture This! Teen Wolf

We’ve got the promo for the next episode of Teen Wolf, “The Fox and The Wolf.”