MST3K 11.10 and 11: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

For the first time, the MST3K crew has to deal with a terrible sword and sorcery movie, and its even worse sequel. Also, Kinga’s grandma is back, and some romantic decisions are made.

MST3K 11.09–Yongary

Does South Korea have better luck making big lizard movies than Denmark? MST3K looks at Yongary.

MST3K 11.08–Loves of Hercules

MST3K takes on another Hercules movie, this time with Jayne Mansfield and her then-husband Mickey Hargitay. Also, a new robot shows up, and he’s not exactly welcome.

MST3K 11.07–Land That Time Forgot

This week, the crew takes on “The Land That Time Forgot”, and the Mads try running a restaurant that serves dinosaur meat

MST3K–11.06 Starcrash

This time, MST3K takes on a Star Wars knockoff from Italy that includes Christopher Plummer and David Hasslehoff. Also Jerry Seinfeld shows up as a big shot investor who wonders if the show has any real value.

MST3K 11.05–Beast of Hollow Mountain

What if someone decided to add a dinosaur to a western set in Mexico? You’d get “The Beast of Hollow Mountain”, a pretty obscure movie from the ’50s.

MST3K 11.04 – Avalanche

The fourth episode of MST3K’s season eleven is a disaster movie in every sense of the word. Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow get out-acted by an avalanche. There’s a better romantic story between Kinga and Neil Patrick Harris.

MST3K 11.02 – Cry Wilderness

The next episode looks at “Cry Wilderness” about a boy who teams up with Bigfoot to help his dad. However, there’s sudden appearances by a tiger, a big game hunter and wise old Indian with his special necklace. It also features the return of two familiar faces.

MST3K 11.03 – Time Travelers

The third episode of the new MST3K takes a look at “The Time Travelers”, as scientists visit the future, which include ugly androids and uglier mutants. It also marks the show’s 200th episode.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Back

It was a moment 17 and a half years in the making: the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000! Fans got their first look of the new era, new host, new theme song, new enemies and improved robots this morning, and several thousand Kickstarter backers got a chance last Sunday to get an early look at […]