Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.08 – Laws of Inferno Dynamics

The agents have a showdown with Eli, who has a bomb that could take out all of Los Angeles. However, what happens does more to set up story lines for the second half of the season.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.03 – “Uprising”

The fear of Inhumans spreads around the world this week as they’re blamed for a series of blackouts, including one that threatens Simmons’ efforts to save Agent May from her paranoia. It turns out the real cause is very personal.

Agents of SHIELD Season Finale “Absolution/Ascension”

One of the Agents of SHIELD is determined to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop HIVE/Ward from turning Earth into an Inhuman world. In the end, someone does.

Agents of SHIELD 3.20- “Emancipation”

General Talbot gets involved in the agents’ battle against HIVE/Ward, and suggests the Sokovia Accords may be the best way to deal with the Inhumans. It leads to an escape, a showdown and a surprising cure.

Agents of SHIELD 3.17- “The Team”

Daisy gathers the Secret Warriors to save the agents from Malick and HIVE/Ward, but they’re soon quickly suspected of being under H/W’s control. One of them does switch sides, and it’s the most tragic twist of all.

Agents of SHIELD 2.1- “Bouncing Back”

The agents are back on duty this week in Columbia, meeting a girl who is very fast. They also try to recover from the events of the first half of the season. They don’t know,however, Inhuman Ward is making plans with Malick.