Keifer’s Keep It or Dump It -POWERLESS

With CW’s weekly schedule of DC heroes, it’s no surprise that another network is trying a different POV within the DCU.  Enter NBC’s POWERLESS where the cast are employees within one of Bruce Wayne’s companies, building (or at least trying to build) new technologies to protect by standards (regular folk) from the meta battles that […]

Blindspot 1.01 – Pilot

If you like The Blacklist and other edgy (for network) shows that give weekly procedural satisfaction along with mysterious, longer character arcs, this one’s for you.

SDCC 2015: Grimm Press Room

Saturday at San Diego Comic Con the cast of Grimm stopped by the Hilton Bayfront to chat with press about the huge events fans saw happen in season 4, and tease about what we can expect in season 5.

2015 Upfronts: NBC

NBC kicks off the Network Primetime Previews / Upfronts presentations this week in New York City. We’ve got pictures and trailers and buzz!

Grimm 4.19 – “Iron Hans”

This week the royals try to take advantage of Juliette’s Hexenbiest drama to get her help finding Adalind’s baby. Will she turn against Nick?

Grimm 4.18 – “Mishipeshu”

This week on Grimm, Juliette isn’t handling her new situation well, but Rosalee thinks she can help. And Renard seems to be having black-outs. What’s that about?

Grimm 4.17- “Hibernaculum”

This episode highlights Juliette’s struggle to deal with her new hexenbiest powers. Can Juliette and Nick work out their problems or is it over for good? Also, Nick and the gang chase down a group of heat thief Wesen.

Review: Grimm 4.13- “Trial by Fire”

This week on Grimm, Nick has to recruit the help of a Wesen he put behind bars to stop a fire-starting Wesen. And you’re also in for a treat, with a little Hexenbiest v. Hexenbiest action between Juliette and Adalind.

Review: Grimm 4.12- “Marechaussee”

Juliette is getting help from a special Wesen therapist, Nick gets a bounty put on his head and Adalind is back in Portland. Things are heating up on Grimm!

Review: Grimm 4.10- “Tribunal”

Monroe is fighting for his life in the Wesenrein tribunal. Will Nick and crew get answers fast enough to save him?