Review: Doctor Who 8.01 – “Deep Breath” – Peter Capaldi’s First Episode

A new era for Doctor Who started this past weekend with Peter Capaldi’s first episode, “Deep Breath”. While it was a typical regeneration story with a shaky plot, Capaldi proved that he can handle the job as the 12th Doctor.

Review: “Who’s Changing: A Look At Doctor Who Fandom”

After celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, a new documentary looks at its fans. It starts with how Doctor Who fandom developed in the last 1970s, and exploded in recent years. It features interviews from several former and current cast members and fans.

First Picture of 12th Doctor Released

It’s a New Year, and also time for a new Doctor. The BBC announced that production for the eighth season is underway.     When Peter Capaldi arrived for his first day of work at the BBC studios in Cardiff, he said, “New job, first day, slightly nervous. Just like the Doctor, I’m emerging from the […]