Review: Supernatural 9.03 – I’m No Angel

“I’m No Angel” marks the return of our favorite former angel, Castiel. He’s got the angel squad hot on his trail and they have no qualms about leaving bodies (priests included) in their wake.

Review: Supernatural – 9.02 “Devil May Care”

This week’s episode brings some major returns – all happy ones — and only with Supernatural can you say you are happy to see the return of not only a prophet, but a couple of demons as well.

Review: Supernatural 8.01 – We Need To Talk About Kevin

By the first commercial break, we’d had a trans-portal arrival, graveside bloodletting, a toothy “hitchhiker” for Dean, Sam leaving a mysterious woman, Sam being watched by a stranger in the shadows, an awkward Winchester reunion and a Purgatory flashback complete with two beheadings.  And we had not even begun to talk about Kevin!  Could the […]