Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4.05 – “Lockup”

Uneasy alliances are being made this week. Daisy and Ghost Rider join SHIELD to find Lucy, who now has the Darkhold but needs someone else to read it. The new SHIELD director also asks for some help when he has to debate the Inhuman issue with a Senator on live TV. It leads to an even more shocking alliance.

Review: The Blacklist 3.18 – “Milton Bobbit”

In which Milton Bobbit is really called the “Undertaker” with a secret mission and a fake nose. Both are mere distractions from the increasingly tense plot of spy vs. spy.

Review: The Blacklist 1.17- “Ivan”

If you have noticed the reviews for the Blacklist tapered off for awhile due to both time and quality of the show. If the episode is just bad it’s hard to find the motivation to write about it. This week’s outing however was in fine form. Ivan has the digital skeleton key that will open all firewalls so the team must stop him, plus he owes Red like five million big ones.

Review: The Blacklist 1.14 – “Madeline Pratt”

Raymond Reddington’s affairs are in order and his wife accesses his safety deposit box. Wait. What?

Review: The Blacklist 1.12 & 1.13- “The Alchemist” & “The Cyprus Agency”

Two episodes that do not appear to be connected have a unified theme for Liz Keene. Does she really want the “normal” life with her husband and a baby?

WonderCon 2012 Press Room: Alcatraz

We interview the cast of Alcatraz including Jorge Garcia (Soto), Sarah Jones (Madsen), Jonny Coyne (Warden James), Robert Forster (Ray), Parminder Nagra (Lucy), and producers Bryan Wynbrandt, Steven Lilien, Jennifer Johnson & Pyne (Producer) . Catch the Alcatraz season finale next Monday on Fox. Click. Click.