Agents of SHIELD 4.13 “BOOM”

A new Inhuman is revealed. Coulson searches for the woman who inspired Radcliffe to make Aida.

Agents of SHIELD 4.11 – “Wake Up”

This week, Agent May is determined to escape from Radcliffe and Aida, but can she? Meanwhile, a plan by Coulson to spy on Senator Nadeer hits a big snag that dents the group’s image.

Recap: Agents of SHIELD 4.09 “Broken Promises”

The first new episode of 2017 has SHIELD wondering who it can trust.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.03 – “Uprising”

The fear of Inhumans spreads around the world this week as they’re blamed for a series of blackouts, including one that threatens Simmons’ efforts to save Agent May from her paranoia. It turns out the real cause is very personal.