Once Upon A Time 4.22 – “Operation Mongoose”

It’s the two-hour season finale of Once Upon A Time! For the first time in the show’s four seasons, we get to see the “other sides” of our beloved characters. A good bandit Regina? An evil Snow White? It’s all delicious fun and it doesn’t stop there!

Once Upon A Time 4.20 – “Lily”

This episode isn’t one of the best and some of it just feels cheap and contrived.

Once Upon A Time 4.18 – “Heart of Gold”

There are quite a few shocking developments in this newest episode. We find out more about Robin Hood & Marian and what they’ve been up to since leaving Storybrooke. But nothing could’ve prepared us for this twist…

Reaping Grimm: Fairytale Date Rape

Well, this episode was creepy in ways I wasn’t expecting.

The investigation starts after a woman running for her life gets hit by a car, then gets smothered to death by an unidentifiable stranger while the driver calls for help. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Fairytale Date Rape