Recap: Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Twice Upon A Time”

The Doctor meets his original self, and find they have something in common: they don’t want to regenerate. That decision has a big impact on the universe, and the fate of a World War I soldier.

Christmas Is Coming..and So Are The Doctors

Christmas is coming, which means Doctor Who is coming, too. Here’s a clip to “Twice Upon A Time”.

SDCC 2017: Peter Capaldi Makes His Final Bow As Doctor Who

While the 13th Doctor did not make it to Comic-Con, Peter Capaldi got a big sendoff before a packed Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con

A Female 13th Doctor: Why This May Have Been Inevitable

HIstory was made when Jodie Whittaker was chosen as the 13th Doctor, and the first female to take the role. However, the speculation of a woman flying the TARDIS has been going on for decades.

Doctor Who Season Finale: “The Doctor Falls”

What results in the Doctor Who season finale is a touching end to the finest season in years.

Doctor Who 10.11 – “World Enough and Time”

Can Doctor Who and his two expendables save a space station from a black hole? That’s nothing compared to the two shocks fans got in this week’s episode.

Doctor Who 10.10 – “The Eaters of Light”

The Doctor and his crew investigate what really happened to a Roman legion that mysteriously disappeared. Of course, aliens are involved.

Doctor Who 10.9 – “Empress of Mars”

How did British soldiers wind up on Mars in 1881? Apparently, it was thanks to a stranded Ice Warrior and an enterprising soldier. It leads to a tense battle that the Doctor tries to diffuse.

Doctor Who 10.8 – “Lie of the Land”

The Monks are the best things that ever happened to the Earth. At least that’s what the Doctor has been saying. Bill tries to find him and Nardole to free the Earth. It leads to two surprising moments, one that may play a big part in a few weeks.

Doctor Who 10.7 – “Pyramid At The End Of The World”

The Doctor tries to stop the Monks from taking over the world as they place a pyramid on a major political hot spot, but is that where the real problem exists?