Review: “The Five Doctors” Get Rifftrax Treatment

How could Rifftrax mock a real Doctor Who episode…with four out of five Doctors? They did, and revealed that some old Who episodes age very well….but not this one.

Bill Corbett Talks About How Rifftrax Will Celebrate the Holidays

Rifftrax will riff on the 1959 Mexican holiday movie “Santa Claus” on December 4th in theaters. Bill Corbett talks about why it’s taking another look at this movie, what movie he’d like to riff on, and his Christmas comic book.

Sorry, Whedon Fans; Kickstarter Can Only Do So Much

When the word spread of how Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas raised two million dollars for their long-delayed plans to make a Veronica Mars movie, fans of Firefly, Buffy and Angel hoped it would also mean the revival of those shows, too.

After the jump, we’ll look at why that is unlikely, while other shows could be revived Read more about Sorry, Whedon Fans; Kickstarter Can Only Do So Much

Rifftrax vs. The Avengers

rifftrax It’s been quite a year for Joss Whedon.

Two of his TV shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, both enjoyed happy anniversaries. He made a new version of Much Ado About Nothing at his house that was praised at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Cabin in the Woods, his horror movie with Drew Goddard, was finally released and did pretty well in theaters and home video.
Of course, there is also that small super-hero movie, The Avengers, which only made about one and a half billion dollars…so far. Who would want to mock all that?

Who else, but three men who can heckle bad movies that earn too much money..or even good blockbusters…better than no one else.
After the jump, it’s Rifftrax vs. The Avengers. Read more about Rifftrax vs. The Avengers

Rifftrax Spreads Reefer Madness to A Theater Near You

Even though it’s been more than ten years since Mystery Science Theater 3000 left the airwaves, the spirit of riffing on bad movies has continued thanks to Rifftrax, led by former members Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow).

Aside from selling riffs on the newest movies, DVDs and even shorts on its website, it’s had two live events shown at local theaters. On August 19th, Rifftrax takes on the anti-drug cult classic, Reefer Madness.