Picture This!- The CW’s The Flash, iZombie, Arrow, Supernatural

The countdown to the season finales continues this week with new episodes for The CW’s Superheroes… and Heroines. We’ve got photos and vids from The Flash, iZombie, Arrow and Supernatural.

Review: Supernatural 10.02 – “Reichenbach”

Dean’s demon life takes a trajectory that pulls him away from Crowley’s hold and keeps Sam at bay, while Castiel’s health continues to fade as Hannah tries to save him. As we see our Supernatural Gang starting to move in physical proximity of each other, they seem to be moving further apart in every other way that counts.

Review: Supernatural 9.15 – “#THINMAN”

The Ghostfacers, Ed and Harry, are back! And where they travel, trouble follows. But this time, they are also used to teach. Or as I like to call it, the Ghostfacers = Winchesters for Dummies.

Review: Supernatural 9.14 – “Captives”

The Men of Letters bunker is haunted and Sam and Dean must fulfill a special request in order to free the bound spirit. Castiel is faced with a choice after being captured by power-hungry angel, Bartholomew, and his followers.

Review: Supernatural – “The Purge”

The Winchester brothers are working together again, but things are still rocky. Their latest investigation takes them undercover at a fancy health spa where clients go to lose weight – with deadly results.