Why You Should Go See Sam Anderson’s new play “Death House”(spoiler-free review)

I am writing this spoiler-free review having just come home from seeing Sam Anderson (aka Holland Manners/Angel) in the Road Theatre Company’s world premiere production of “DEATH HOUSE”, written by Jason Karasev and directed by Michael Peretzian, with Sam Anderson, Verity Branco, and Chase Cargill as the mesmerizing cast. Synopsis: On the night a death-house […]

Sam Anderson Starring in ‘Death House’

On the night a death-house chaplain must hand over the reins to the confident young pastor set to replace him, the men encounter an enigmatic inmate who challenges their convictions and changes their lives forever. Death House is a startling new piece of theatre that explores justice, redemption, and the possibility that we’re all more connected than […]

Whedon Talent Ring the “Bells of West 87th”

A couple weeks ago on Whedonopolis.com, we let you know about a staged reading of “The Bells of West 87th”, starring Juliet Landau and directed by Richard Pierce.  The Road Theatre featured this performance as part of the 2012 Summer Playwrights Festival, a fundraising event hosted by Taylor Gilbert and Sam Anderson (Holland Manners on Angel and Bernard on LOST), co-artistic directors.

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Juliet Landau: Staged Reading of “The Bell’s of West 87th” on Aug 6th

A cool thing about living in the Los Angeles area is our access to Whedon talent, whether as cast in a show, in the audience of the show, or just shopping in the supermarket.  This Monday we get to be in the audience as Juliet and other Whedon talent are doing a staged reading of […]