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SDCC 2008: Once More With Feeling Screening

The screening of Once More With Feeling happened only after the powers that be at Comic Con negotiated with 20thCentury Fox, after a year of legal obstacles to permit this popular episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to be splashed across the four big screens in Ballroom 20. And Whedonopolis was tapped to present this event, providing prizes and giveaways in the form of buttons and finger puppets and "parking tickets" to go with the singing and dancing anticipated by Buffy fans well heeled in the lyrics and the waving of lit cellphones.

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SDCC 2008: Lost

In a packed Hall H auditorium, the lights went down to show clips from some of the special features on the upcoming Lost season 4 DVD box set. Included was a documentary about the Oceanic 6 conspiracy and cast interviews. Once that was over, showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff (wearing a "Trust Snape" T-shirt) stepped onto the stage. "We’re excited to be in the small room this year," joked Damon. "It’s just like a living room. Very casual conversation," added Carlton, referring to the crowd of 6500 fans. This is the first year the Comic-Con organizers have put TV presentations in the massive room. The two were seated by a large box with the Dharma Initiative octagon logo with a question mark in the middle. They started the panel by plugging LiveAutographs.com, saying that they and the cast were offering autographs to benefit Stand Up to Cancer.

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SDCC 2008: Heroes

For the first time in Comic-Con history, television shows were presented in the massive Hall H auditorium. Your humble reporter arrived at the San Diego Convention Center at 8am Saturday morning to find that the line to get into the room had already snaked through the lawn and all the way around to the back of the building. Rumors had it that the end of the line had reached Seaport Village, over half a mile away, by the time the doors were opened. Needless to say, despite a widely acknowledged lackluster second season, Heroes still had plenty of fans.

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SDCC 2008: Chuck

If the energy on the panel at this year’s Comic-Con is any indication, then the set of the NBC series, Chuck, is one of the liveliest and friendliest sets around. Because of the writer’s strike, it’s been so long since we last saw our intrepid hero and his assortment of spy and geek type friends. It was like a breath of fresh air to be back in the wacky double life of Chuck Bartowski, secret agent and not-so-secret nerd. Gracing us with their presence on the panel were producers Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak as well as cast members Zachary Levi (Chuck), Adam Baldwin (John Casey), Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah), Joshua Gomez (Morgan), Sarah Lancaster (Ellie), and the "Awesome" Ryan McPartlin ("Captain Awesome", real name Devon). Even "Big Mike", played by Mark Christopher Lawrence, got a shout out as he sat with the NBC and WB studio folks in the audience.

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Two Days, Two Joss: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Joss not singing at the Dr. Horrible panel was followed by Joss still not singing at the Dollhouse panel. There he appeared with Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett. Dollhouse looks intriguing, about the loss of memory and the search for souls, but without vampires, demons or spaceships. However, glass-covered coffin-like cryo-units are definitely involved.

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Joss Whedon, Not Singing: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Despite having made something with the word "singalong" in the title, there was no singing to be had by either him or the panel that accompanied him on the Dr. Horrible stage. The cast of Dr. Horrible and the creators were there, and a DVD – plus extras, like commentary and send-in video contest – is in the near future. Joss and his cast and co-creators of this "alternative to studio financing experiment" will be there for the big-screen debut of the three acts of Dr. Horrible tonight in in Room 6B. More Dr. Horrible was hinted at, Captain Hammer comics and Sugar Shock in print form.

In the aisles of Ballroom 20, Rincewind was spotted. With the Luggage.

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SDCC 2008: Spaced

The Comic-Con British invasion continued on Friday with a panel and screening for Spaced. What is Spaced, you may ask? It’s a UK television series from about a decade ago written by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson) and directed by Edgar Wright. The show is about Tim and Daisy, two slacker twentysomethings, who pretend to be a couple in order to rent a flat in London. There is also the militant Mike, who is Tim’s best friend, ditzy Twist, who is Daisy’s best friend, Brian the artist neighbor downstairs, and Marsha the alcoholic landlady upstairs. The series is full of the same type of pop culture references later seen in the films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Since Simon Pegg is part of the Abrams-verse, appearing in the films Mission Impossible III and the upcoming Star Trek, and JJ Abrams is connected to the Whedon-verse via Drew Goddard and David Fury among others (not to mention yours truly being a fan of the series), we decided to cover the panel and screening.

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SDCC 2008: Kings

Photos courtesy of David Mello.

"Kings" Panel: Moderated by Greg Grunberg (Heroes), with Q&A with creator/executive producer Michael Green (Heroes), director/executive producer Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend), executive producer Erwin Stoff (I Am Legend), and the cast: Chris Egan (Resident Evil: Extinction), Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl), Susanna Thompson (Star Trek: Voyager) and Allison Miller (Seventeen Again).

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Comic-Con 2008: Amanda Tapping Interview

I was never, as one fan in the Sanctuary panel put it, an "Amandaholic"; but that quickly changed on July 25th at roughly 3pm upon having the privilege of meeting Amanda Tapping for a one-on-one interview at Comic-Con 2008. I felt like I had been shown the path of Enlightenment and I didn’t even have to read the Book of Origin… oh sorry that was a different panel.

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