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How My Dollhouse Pre-Order From Comic-Con Got Cancelled

If you went to Comic-Con last July and went to the Fox booth to pre-order the Season 2 DVD of Dollhouse, and are wondering when it will arrive….there’s a likely chance it’s not coming.
I went to the Fox booth to get the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD at Comic-Con. I gave the clerk my credit card, which was accepted. I got a free lithograph of the cover of the bonus comic book, "Epitaphs", that will be part of the DVD set. I fully expected the DVD to be mailed to me when it is released October 12th.
I even got an e-mail confirming my order.
Then I learned nothing is guaranteed, except death, taxes, and orders made at Comic-Con going wrong.
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SDCC 2010: True Blood

What makes True Blood such a special phenomenon is the relationship between its creators. Never before have I seen a cable series based on a book series with such a camaraderie and mutual respect between its producer and author. Show creator Alan Ball keeps True Blood fresh and unique, its own entity, while also paying full homage to the woman who created the supernatural world of Bon Temps Louisiana, Ms. Charlaine Harris. Similarly, she expressed her opinion that she couldn’t have handed over the rights to her material to a better creative mind than Alan Ball. Season 3 mild spoilers follow.

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SDCC 2010 Press Room: Merlin

(This story is submitted by Valerie Parker and Kim Wroe)


This year, some of the cast and crew of the hit BBC series Merlin made their first trip across the pond to attend Comic-Con in San Diego.  Co-creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy were on hand, as well as stars Anthony Head and Colin Morgan.  Merlin airs here in the States on the SyFy Channel.

We got a chance to sit down with all four of them individually to fire off a slew of questions, ranging from how they deal with the success of the show having led to an enlarged fan presence at Château de Pierrefonds — which is open to the public while they film — to what they call the hardcore UK fans behind their backs (lovingly, of course!).

Click through to watch complete videos of all four interviews!

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SDCC 2010: Tron: Legacy Viral Event

Tron: Legacy has been building buzz for the past couple of years.  Part of that buzz has been from presentations and viral marketing to fans at venues like Comic-Con.  Viral marketing has played a role for many genre movies of the past few years and this was no different.  Last year’s Comic-Con Tron: Legacy scavenger hunt that ended in a full replica of Flynn’s Arcade is now the stuff of legend.  At Wondercon this year, there was a fake news conference and a skydiver jumped out of a helicopter.  With those previous events in mind, there was much anticipation for what Disney had in store for us for what was likely to be the last great viral marketing event prior to the film’s release.

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SDCC 2010: When Joss Met J.J.

Those who attended Comic-Con arranged their whole schedule around at least one panel, whether it was The Expendables, Harry Potter, Chuck or V.

Still, one panel most fans were anticipating was about two men, a couple of guys who made little things like a vampire-hunting teen, a college girl, a group of Browncoats, and unusual science.

They are…Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams.

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SDCC 2010: What’s Next For Castle?

When season two of Castle ended, Detective Kate Bennett (Stana Katic) was about to ask writer and occasional partner Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) for a date.

She never got the chance. He went to the Hamptons with his editor/ex-wife.

So, will there be romance in store for Rick and Kate in season 3?

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