SDCC 2011 Press Room: Merlin

 Syfy’s Merlin made its second trek across the pond for the San Diego Comic Con this year, with a bigger panel and more excitement.  We sat down with actors Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Prince Arthur Pendragon), Anthony Head (King Uther Pendragon) and Katie McGrath (Morgana Le Fay) in an attempt to get some tidbits about series 4, currently filming in Cardiff, Wales.


SDCC 2011: Andrew Chambliss Discusses "Buffy" Season 9 #1


Andrew Chambliss (Dollhouse, The Vampire Diaries) will be the writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9.  At San Diego Comic-Con 2011, he talked with Fanboy Comics President Bryant Dillon about  his "dream job" experiences writing for Dollhouse and what he has planned for Buffy in Season 9.