Reaping Grimm: Volcanalis

First, I want to remind everyone that Grimm is moving to Tuesday. So new episode this Tuesday (Apr. 30). And, just FYI, Grimm has been renewed for a third season. Second, I want to make sure you all look out for the David Giuntoli interview that will be posted the same day. Third, let’s talk about the episode! We got a good one! Read more about Reaping Grimm: Volcanalis

GRIMM -- Pictured: "Grimm" Key Ar

Reaping Grimm: Unreaped

As you know, Grimm fans, the latest episode did not air on Friday (Apr. 19). The east coast saw coverage of one of the Boston bombers being apprehended, while the west coast got a re-run of Bad Teeth (the first episode of the season). What you might have missed as you turned off your TV and went back to writing- or, erm, whatever you went back to- is that Grimm will soon be moving to Tuesdays at 10pm. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Unreaped

Reaping Grimm: Diminished Gratification

Delayed gratification is all good and fine… if it ends up being gratifying. So many things that could have been right about this episode were muted. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Diminished Gratification

Reaping Grimm: The Name Game

This was the Rumplestiltskin episode! And the Sgt. Wu episode! And the sudoku episode! …Seriously, sudoku was the key to the mystery. Read more about Reaping Grimm: The Name Game

Reaping Grimm: Blinding Fights

Hey Grimm Fans!

I actually owe you two episode recaps since last week during Grimm, I was at PaleyFest at the American Horror Story: Asylum panel, and when I finally watched the episode, my computer decided to mysteriously shut off before I could save my notes. But this week I saved OCD style, so without further ado, let’s chat about Grimm. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Blinding Fights

Reaping Grimm: Nick Burkhardt and the Half-Blood Prince

Artistic license, poetic license, drivers license; all kinds of license was taken with the story line of Pinocchio. It was really just based on themes in Pinocchio. To the point that if they hadn’t put up the quote from the fairytale, you would never figure out what it was based on. Not that this deviation is a problem. I rather like that Grimm’s story lines can stand on their own and use the fairytales as a supplement rather than a crutch. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Nick Burkhardt and the Half-Blood Prince

Reaping Grimm: Setting Up

The whodunit bit of this episode was a bit predictable, but the progression of the larger story arcs made up for it. The next few episodes should get us a fight scene or so as well as some upsetting developments on the Juliette front. I think we can also expect some turbulence ahead in Nick […]

Reaping Grimm: Wesen Lessons

Nick and Monroe’s Blutbad ex-girlfriend, Angelina, have to work together to save Monroe. Not killing each other in the process proves to be the bigger challenge. And as Hank is guarding Monroe, we get to learn a bit more about Wesen via his questions. Meanwhile, a royal from one of the other families pays Prince Renard a visit.

Yep, four sentences is as much as I can do without getting spoilerrific. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Wesen Lessons

Reaping Grimm: Mob Mentality

In The Good Shepherd, Nick and Hank’s suspicions arise when they find out that the victim in their latest case belonged to a congregation of sheep-like Wesen being led by a Blutbad. And they decide the best way to test the Blutbad minister’s intentions is to send Deputy Monroe in undercover. Meanwhile, Nick continues to learn how to deal with his adversaries the Grimm way. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Mob Mentality

Reaping Grimm: Rage Zombies!

Ok, there weren’t really rage zombies. But they looked like rage zombies. And they kind of functioned like rage zombies. In fact, maybe they should have been rage zombies. But they were infected Wesen. Let’s talk about the episode. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Rage Zombies!