Review: Person of Interest 4.03 “Wingman”

This was one of the lighter episodes of Person of Interest and is a welcome break from the tension created by Samaritan’s ever watching eyes. The case involves a professional wingman who helps fellas get the ladies. Reese called “not it,” so Fusco got the job pretending to be a client for the Number. Hilarity ensues.

Review: Person of Interest 4.02 – “Nautilus”

The frightening new credits from Samaritan’s point of view are a reminder that our Team Machine are still on very dangerous ground. This week’s mission is a scavenger hunt and everyone’s invited.

Review: Person of Interest 4.01 – “Panopticon”

The new reign of Samaritan is here and the teaser illustrates how the new world order operates. If it thinks you are a threat, elimination is just around the corner in the form of a new blonde femme fatale.

SDCC 2014: Person of Interest Press Room

We had a chance to talk to the cast of Person of Interest at San Diego Comi-Con including Jim Caviezel “Reese”, Michael Emerson “Harold Finch”, Kevin Chapman “Lionel Fusco”, Sarah Shahi “Shaw”, Amy Acker “Root” and executive producer Greg Plageman.