Review: Grimm 4.05 – “Cry Luison”

Nick continues struggling to decide whether or not to become a Grimm again. What do you think he’ll choose? This week he finally reaches a decision.

Review: Grimm 4.04 – “Dyin’ on a Prayer”

Nick, Hank and Trubel have to find a way to stop a non-Wesen clay monster this week, and Elizabeth comes one step closer to completing the potion to get Nick’s Grimm powers back.

Review: Grimm 4.03- “Last Fight”

With some unlikely help, Monroe and Rosalee find the spell that Adalind used on Nick. Will he get his powers back soon?

Review: Grimm 4.02- “Octopus Head”

The saga of Octopus Head Wesen continues. Nick continues adjusting to life without Grimm-powers and Trubel gets into some trouble!

Review: Grimm – Season Premiere – “The Ungrateful Dead”

I am holding out hope that things will improve with the addition of Alexis Denisof to the cast. With that in mind, let us continue!

Reaping Grimm: Volcanalis

First, I want to remind everyone that Grimm is moving to Tuesday. So new episode this Tuesday (Apr. 30). And, just FYI, Grimm has been renewed for a third season. Second, I want to make sure you all look out for the David Giuntoli interview that will be posted the same day. Third, let’s talk about the episode! We got a good one! Read more about Reaping Grimm: Volcanalis