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A growing clutch of press folk gathered outside the press room behind Ballroom 20 at the appointed time, and waited, with various degrees of impatience, to enter the Stargate Press Conference. A combination of the two Stargate casts – Chris Judge, Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Gary Jones, Jewel Staite and David Hewlett – and the producers – Robert Cooper, Joe Mallozi and Martin Wood – lined up along the Comic Con backdrop and answered questions ranging from the future of Atlantis to shooting in the Arctic to the perils of replacing popular characters and homesickness for Firefly.

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SDCC 2007: CHUCK Premiere

During Comic-Con, I’d heard a buzz about this new show called Chuck.  Something about the government’s classified files being downloaded into the brain of some guy, appropriately named Chuck. I was actually excited to see the pilot, because Adam Baldwin (one of the stars of my favorite show, Firefly) had a big role in the series, so at the time I couldn’t give a good gorram how good or bad it was…Jayne was going to be in it. 😉

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Comic-Con ’07 – Day 4: PATHOLOGY Interviews

Pathology is a new thriller created by the brains behind Crank (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor) starring HeroesMilo Ventimiglia, alongside The L Word’s Lauren Lee Smith, The Last KissMichael Weston, and Empire RecordsJohnny Whitworth, all directed by Marc Schölermann that will open nationwide November 30th. They were out in force at Comic-Con and we scored some exclusive interviews with them to tell us all about the film.

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SDCC 2007: IDW Dishes "Angel: After the Fall" and Previews "Doctor Who" Comics

IDW’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall, was in charge of the presentation of all the new stuff IDW has coming out in the upcoming months, giving special emphasis to Angel: After the Fall, the upcoming Season 6 written by Brian Lynch under supervision of the man himself, Joss Whedon. Chris showed a slide of the last scene of Angel S5, with Angel, Gunn, Spike and Illyria in the alley, in the pouring rain, about to face off with the forces of Wolfram & Heart, The slide gave way to massive applause, which caused him to quip, “So, I see some of you remember Angel after all”, to general laughter. He then showed a slide for the cover of the first book:


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Comic-Con ’07 – Day 1: SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY Interviews

Late on the first day of Comic-Con 2007, the people behind Superman: Doomsday gave interviews regarding the whole process of turning the most successful Superman comic book in history into an animated movie, from the script and voice casting to direction. We got the chance to sit in roundtables with voice director Andrea Romano and screenwriter Duane Capizzi, and go one-on-one with director Brandon Vietti to find out how it all came together. This is what we found out.

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SDCC 2007: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

On the Saturday of Comic-Con, I spent nearly the entirety of the day in one room, 6CDEF. I was there mainly to see the Supernatural and Pushing Daises panels (both of which rocked). I was happy to see that, also in this room, was the panel for The Sarah Connor Chronicles starring Summer Glau. Being a fan of the first two Terminator movies (I still have yet to see the third), I was intrigued as to how the Terminator mythos would translate into a weekly series. Please note, this article includes some spoilers, so if you hate spoilers, please stop reading now.

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SDCC 2007: Joss Whedon

Into the vast dimness of the packed Ballroom 20 late Saturday afternoon, a melodious lone voice declared:

“Before I take questions, I want to answer one that I know has been on most of your minds, I can see it in your beady little eyes. What have I done for you lately?” Laughter. “Well, I wrote Wonder Woman…” More laughter. “But enough about that.”

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SDCC 2007: Torchwood

BBC America came to Comic-Con this year to a capacity crowd in order to introduce the hit Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood. The panel was moderated by TV Guide west coast bureau chief Craig Tomashoff and included head writer and show runner Chris Chibnall, writer Noel Clark (who also appeared as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who), producer Richard Clark, and prosthetics supervisor Matt O’Toole. Unlike its parent show which is made for a family audience, Torchwood is intended for adults.

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Comic-Con ’07 – SUPERNATURAL Interviews

Whedonopolis was granted access to the Supernatural pressroom, where roundtable interviews were conducted with consulting producer/writer Ben Edlund, actor Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and show creator Eric Kripke. Even though we’d been through roundtables before for Superman: Doomsday, the experience was still very new for us, and this is how it went. The table was shared with Cindy from Sci-Fi.com and Brian from TheFutonCritic.com.

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