Doctor Who Brings Back…Osgood?

The new season of Doctor Who brings back familiar faces and classic enemies.

Picture This! Supernatural Season Finale!

Will Dean succumb to the Mark of Cain … or will someone else? Find out in the season finale of Supernatural tonight!

Review: Bones 9.21 – “The Cold in the Case”

Tonight, our murder victim has quite an unusual story, Camille is going to finally meet her boyfriend’s family, and Booth has been given other agents’ cases to review. He is moving on up!!

Review: Bones 9.20-“The High in the Low”

Tonight on Bones, an escaped convict makes a very unpleasant discovery.

Review: Bones 9.19- “The Turn in the Urn”

Yesterday night on Bones, Brennan and booth attend an unusual funeral, and find their latest victims in a very strange way. Finn is back tonight as well. His business is booming and he can’t wait to share his happiness with the team and his lady. Let’s dig in… get it?

Review: How I Met Your Mother 9.22 – “The End of the Aisle”

Future Ted’s voiceover opens the episode talking about how people tend to freak out on their wedding day.

Review: Bones 9.18- “The Carrot in the Kudzu”

Tonight is a lot of fun as Brennan’s daughter Christine celebrates a birthday, and the death of a children’s tv star is investigated.

Review: How I Met Your Mother 9.21- “Gary Blauman”

An unexpected guest at the wedding stirs up old memories and animosities.

Review: Bones 9.17- “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank”

Tonight on Bones, a murder investigation reveals a victim’s checkered past. At the Smithsonian, a new intern from Cuba arrives and he is quite the ladies man. On the home front, Booth and Temperance discuss religion and it’s place in their daughter’s life. ****Spoilers Below**** A body is found in a septic tank, and as […]

Review: Bones 9.16- “The Source in the Sludge”

Good evening everyone. Bones is back on Monday nights with all new episodes. Tonight’s case will have Brennan and Booth working with an old friend in the CIA, and the couple must find a good balance of work and home life. Spoilers Ahead…