Review: Castle 7.01 – “Driven”

After months of wondering what happened to Castle, the wait is finally over. In the season 6 finale, Castle (Nathan Fillion) was driving to his wedding when a black SUV starts seemingly trying to drive him off the road. Beckett then received a phone call about Castle, and rushed to the scene of Castle’s apparent […]

Review: How to Get Away with Murder 1.01 – “Pilot”

A pilot is a tricky beast. How to balance exposition with story, character development and the hook that will keep audiences coming back? Very few pilots get the mix just right, but this one comes extremely close.

Review: Castle’s “Need to Know” Episode (Well played Mr. Marlowe & Writers)

This week on Castle we see the entire crew in NYC as Agent Beckett and her partner have a federal investigation involving a case at her 12th precinct in NYC. The episode starts off with a pretty good hook…

Review: CASTLE Two-part Premiere, Second Part: “DREAMWORLD”

In case you didn’t get to watch Castle’s second part of the two part premiere live on Monday night: We were left off wondering if Castle would gasp his last gasp, smirk his last smirk, and solve his last case due to the poison that was running through his veins giving him less than 24 hours to live…

Once Upon a Time: Season Premiere

Once Upon a Time came back for it’s third season tonight, and if this episode is any indication of how the rest of the season will go, then we are in for a fun ride. Read more about Once Upon a Time: Season Premiere