The Vampire Diaries 8.16- “I Was Feeling Epic” Promo

The end is almost here and there are so many questions surrounding the final season. Will Nina Dobrev come back and reunite Delena? Will the Steroline June Wedding actually happen?

Review: Warehouse 13 5.06 — “Endless”

The series finale of Warehouse 13 had moments that caused laughter, tears, and a bit of shock, which wasn’t necessarily nice. However, it was a nice send off to a show that was wonderful fun and offered viewers endless wonder.

Review: Merlin 5.13 – “The Diamond of the Day, Part One”

For all its predictability that we’ve experienced throughout the series’ run, Merlin’s grand finale has a surprisingly surprising end.  Bravo to cast, crew and writers on creating a game-changer of a finish.  The series will leave you with a sense of completion, and how you feel about that completion is, of course as in all things, a matter of opinion.  Without giving spoilers in the first paragraph, I can say that it was well-executed and mature.

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