Con Man Episodes 8-10

This week’s Con Man episodes on Vimeo can be described as one of Wray Nerely’s worst days. He is fired from a video game, forced to fill in for someone at a comic book opening and information from his past almost gets him clobbered.

Con Man Cast Is Adding Familiar Faces

Alan Tudyk’s Indiegogo campaign, “Con Man” is headed to its final days, and it’s adding some more familiar faces including a Cylon and a Terminator.

Fans Fall For Con Man Crowdfunding Project, Thanks To Alan Tudyk

The power of the Browncoats is still strong, more than a decade after Firefly and Serenity.

Happy 18th Birthday, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Today, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the show, celebrates its 18th anniversary. We take a brief look on how it affected TV, and how it may have invented live-blogging.

SDCC 2014: An Intimate Press Chat with NASA

After a highly successful panel at Comic-Con, members of NASA talked with press. Listen to what they had to say about science, science fiction, and how the two topics work together in the real world.

Review: The Crazy Ones 1.18- “March Madness”

It’s Saint Patrick’s day on The Crazy Ones, and we finally meet Andrew’s sisters! We also learn why Simon hates the holiday.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Overshares on Conan

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks to Conan O’Brien about big boobs, doggie period pants and the sex doll in her dressing room.

Review: “I Know That Voice” – A Tribute To Voice Acting

John DiMaggio, best known as the voice of Jake on Adventure Time and Bender on Futurama, decided to help produce a movie to show people what his job is like.

Husbands Returns With Secrets and Cold Feet

It was supposed to be a renewal of their marriage, but it turns out to be the day Brady and Cheeks learn a lot about each other…maybe too much to stay being Husbands. Season three started this week on a new website, The CW Seed, and it’s still a sharp look at same-sex romance. Read more about Husbands Returns With Secrets and Cold Feet

Season Three of Husbands Gets Premiere Date, Paley Center Showcase

It’s been nearly two years since Jane Espenson and Brad Bell presented Husbands, a traditional romantic comedy about same-sex marriage. Season three is coming in August, and will get a major public premiere in Beverly Hills.