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Wondercon 2009: Shirley Manson Reveals Why She Became A TV Terminator

In the 1990’s Shirley Manson was one of the most popular singers in the world. She had many hits with her band, Garbage.

Then, she tackled a bigger challenge…acting.

Manson has finished her first season as businesswoman…and Terminator…Catherine Weaver on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronciles. During that time, she has killed people in interesting ways while beng interested in a new artificial intelligence program that may be the prototype for Skynet. She’s even using a recycled Terminator who goes by the name of John Henry. She’s also had to struggle with being a mom to Savannah, a young girl who wonders why her mom has changed after her father’s death.
She talked about her experience just before the show’s panel  at Wondercon in San Francisco last Sunday.

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