Review: How to Get Away with Murder 1.02 – “It’s All Her Fault”

The pilot of this show was exceedingly strong, but the question is can the second episode maintain the same quality? The balance of the storytelling was a bit different in that the case of the week was very strong, but the flash forwards sort of fizzled in the pan.

Review: How to Get Away with Murder 1.01 – “Pilot”

A pilot is a tricky beast. How to balance exposition with story, character development and the hook that will keep audiences coming back? Very few pilots get the mix just right, but this one comes extremely close.

John Barrowman involved in ‘Scandal’

No, no, it’s not what you think! While no one would be surprised to hear of Captain Jack involved in a salacious saga, John Barrowman is just guest-starring in the hit ABC drama, Scandal. Creator/Showrunner Shonda Rhimes tweeted yesterday: John Barrowman is here working at @scandalabc today.Life is good. #torchwood #captainjack #iamanerd This marks the second […]