Star Trek: Picard Season One Episode Four ” Absolute Candor” Review

  Retired Admiral Picard returns to a Romulan Re-settlement on the planet Vashti in the Beta Quadrant to make something right and find a fighter for his quest. Spoiler ” Absolute Candor” is my favorite episode of Star Trek: Picard Season One partly because we finally get to see Seven of Nine (though she is […]

Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 3 ” The End of the Beginning” Review

Retired Admiral Picard starts to put his new crew together. Spoilers: I enjoyed “The End of the Beginning,” where we finally got to meet some of the members of Picard’s renegade crew. Sadly, his Romulan companions Laris and Zhaban will not be joining him, but leading Cybernetic Expert Dr. Agnes Jurati will be a kind […]