SDCC 2017: Dark Matter Press Room

We caught up with the cast of SyFy channel’s  Dark Matter and they gave up little teases about the upcoming season and insights into their characters.  Check out the interviews with Anthony Lemke (Three), Joedelle Ferland (Five), Melissa O’Neil (Two), Alex Mallari Jr (Four) and executive producer Jay Firestone, below.         Dark […]

SDCC 2017: Krypton Press Room

When SyFy channel announced they were making a prequel to the Superman saga called Krypton, cautious optimism seemed the way to go. However, after talking with Cameron Cuffe (Seyg El), executive producers Damien Kindler and Cameron Welsh, full blown enthusiasm is more on point.

SDCC 2016: Dark Matter Press Room

We caught up with the talent of Dark Matter at SDCC2016 about where the next season will take them.

Comic-Con Goes Live on SyFy

SyFy is celebrating this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego with a one-hour talk show this week. The premiere featured Alan Tudyk and a “Arrested Development” reunion.

SyFy Kicks Off Season 2 of Dark Matter and Killjoys on July 1

Hey SyFy fans, don’t forget, on Friday, July 1 we get the return of 2 breakout shows: Dark Matter and Killjoys!

SDCC 2015: The Expanse Press Room

Check out our round table interviews with the stars and producers of the new SyFy series “The Expanse” at SDCC 2015!

Exclusive: Cas Anvar from SyFY’s The Expanse

Cas Anvar, pilot Alex Kamal from SyFy’s upcoming series The Expanse, talks to us about his varied work, the new show and his thoughts about humankind in the future.

Defiance 3.04 – “Dead Air”

The Votan Collective strike at the heart of Defiance in a way that will leave a mark forever. A new opening credit is required to mark the occasion.

Defiance 3.02 – “The Broken Bough”

General Tak takes one step closer to destroying Defiance but his own thirst for vengeance may get in the way.

FlashBack Friday: SDCC 2014 Ascension Press Room

Deep space. Deeper secrets.