Review: Person of Interest 3.16- “RAM”

R. A. M. – Random Access Memory. This is one of those episodes you can tell will be incredible as soon as the opening credits started rewinding. So everyone lets go back in time to 2010 when Finch was trying out Team Machine with training wheels.

Review: Person of Interest 3.15- “Last Call”

Finch goes undercover as a 911 operator to help save another dispatcher. So basically he does what he always does, but in a more timely manner.

Review: Person of Interest – “Lethe” & “Aletheia”

The thing about Person of Interest is that it cloaks itself as procedural, so when an arc happens it can be a surprise. The first episode started off appearing to be standalone about a poor NSA guy who was losing his memories. Memories that someone wanted to kill him to acquire. Instead it ended up being a fast paced two-parter that incorporated almost every bad guy the show has introduced in the last two seasons. The most fascinating head fake ever.

Review: Person of Interest – “The Devil’s Share”

The fallout of Carter’s death is the center of this episode and a strange combination of the team falling apart and coming together. The opening montage to Johnny Cash’s cover of the song “Hurt” was an amazing way to show how each person was dealing with the grief or not.

Review: Person of Interest – “Mors Praematura”

The title of the episode “Mors Praematura,” meaning “by any means necessary” says it all. The Machine has a number and a mission. She needs two teams to accomplish both. Enter Shaw and Root as a team which is a truly scary thing in action.

Review: Person of Interest “Razgovor”

Shaw is forced to face some of her demons when she is confronted by the most unlikely opponent, a ten-year-old spy who is determined to shut down the drug trade in her neighborhood. This episode brings Shaw backstory and above average amounts of action.