Arrow 4.23- “Schism”

Arrow Season 4 has been about those who fall prey to darkness, while others embrace their light. Tonight’s finale looks at where, not only, Oliver is at with his own darkness, but also that of his team, giving its episode, “Schism.”

Arrow 4.22 “Lost in the Flood”

In tonight’s Arrow, Anarchy lives up to his name, and Oliver is reminded why he is the Green Arrow.

Arrow 4.21 “Monument Point”

This week some difficult decisions had to be made, and not everyone got out alive.

Arrow 4.20- “Genesis”

This week, most of Team Arrow tries to take a little down time while Oliver and Felicity follow up on a lead that could help them stop Darhk. Unfortunately, down time isn’t always safe for our heroes. Also the Diggle Civil War is taken to new levels.

Arrow 4.20- “Canary Cry”

The Arrow-verse mourns Laurel this week, before coming together to address the foreshadowing from this year’s season premiere. But, if Laurel is dead and Sara is in the future/past… who is the girl masquerading as the Black Canary?

Arrow 4.18- “Eleven Fifty Nine”

Since the beginning of the season, one question has been a constant, “who is in the grave at the end of this season’s premiere?” Tonight that question is answered.

Arrow 4.16 & 17- “Broken Hearts” & “Beacon of Hope”

“Taken” was, arguably, one of the best episodes of Arrow’s fourth season. Both “Broken Hearts” and “Beacon of Hope” recycled former Arrow and Flash villains in order to keep the season moving forward with the changes in the status quo.

Arrow 4.13- “Sins of the Father”

I wasn’t all that excited about “Sins of the Father.” In fact, I shared with a friend that I was over another “League of Assassins” mini-arch. Boy, how I was wrong! So many changes and an answer to a question from the first episode.

Arrow 4.12- “Unchained”

“Unchained” carries its theme throughout this episode for both Oliver and Felicity, one in the short term, the other more of a long term. As you watch for a second or maybe third time, look for those unchained or at least in the process of becoming free.