The Job – This Month’s Victim: Steve Tartalia (James Marsters’ Stunt Double)

James Marsters often speaks admiringly of Steve Tartalia, his stunt double on “Buffy” and “Angel,” during his Q&As at different conventions. Steve worked for many years in Hong Kong doing action films and then, as of season 4 of “Buffy,” became the side of Spike that faced off with the Slayer, Glory, her minions and all the baddies that showed up on “Angel” season 5. We sat down with him last week to find out how it all had come about, and this is what he told us.

The Job – Special Sci-Fi Grand Slam Summit Edition

Doug Jones is one of those actors whose work you love, but whom you can’t recognize walking down the street or at the grocery store. Why? Because his work mostly involves heavy makeup and prosthetics, something incredibly difficult to do and do it well, and therefore you can very seldom see what he actually looks like. Since he was the lead Gentleman on "Buffy" and has done a lot of incredible work in such features as "Hellboy," "Darkness Falls" (as the Tooth Fairy, alongside our favorite resident vengeance demon, Emma Caulfield) and lately "Pan’s Labyrinth," we thought only fair to grant him some time in the spotlight so we could get to know the real Doug. This is how this special edition of "The Job" at Sci-Fi Grand Slam Summit Convention went.