Recap: Spider-Man, Far From Home – spoilers

Spider-Man has a new battle after the events of Thanos. He’s battling monsters with the help of another hero. looks can be deceiving… & deadly. The two post-credit scenes will keep fans guessing.

What Just Happened? Post Credits Explanation Spider-Man: Far From Home Edition

Wait…WHAT? We take a look at how Spider-Man: Far From Home ended, and how it may not be as bad as we think.

My Take on Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

It’s been ten years in the making, but the Avengers finally clash with Thanos over the Infinity Stones and ultimate power. The result is a great movie that may have too much action and heroes to handle.

Spider-Man: Homecoming May Be the Hit Sony Has Been Looking For

Third time may be a charm for Spider-Man and Sony/Marvel. The latest reboot of the franchise features Tom Holland as the teen super hero trying to mix school with crime-fighting, with some help from Iron Man

Look At Latest Trailers For Spider-Man: Homecoming

Marvel released two trailers for Spider-Man Homecoming, coming in July. Both show how Iron Man is too much of a meddling parent to the young super-hero.

Last Perk w/Juliet Landau + Reddit AMA re A Place Among The Undead Indiegogo Campaign

Juliet Landau has been a very busy woman this month, as each day there’s been more perks for her “A Place Among The Undead” Documentary Indiegogo campaign. Today are the last perks, and an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Reddit today about A PLACE AMONG THE UNDEAD today at 1pm PST From Juliet: “The last MULTIPLE […]

Contribute to Juliet Landau’s Documentary Project

Want to be part of Juliet Landau’s documentary about vampires? Her Indiegogo campaign for “A Place Among The Undead” has begun.