Review: Bates Motel 3.04- “Unbreak-Able”

Terrible and unhappy times for all, especially those Bates family members.

Review: Bates Motel 3.02- “The Arcanum Club”

Last week, the mysterious and scantily-clad motel guest, Annika Johnson (Tracy Spiridakos), disappeared and Norman returned in her car, solo. What happened to her and was Norman behind it?

Review: Bates Motel 3.01- “A Death in the Family”

Bates Motel is back for Season Three! Last year, things got weird and creepy and altogether crazy! Let’s see what they do this year!

Wondercon 2013 Press Room: Revolution

Wondercon was a great place to catch up with the cast of NBC’s hit show “Revolution”.   We talked to Billy Burke (Miles),  Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel), Daniella Alonso (Nora), Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie), Tim Guinee (Ben Matheson), Zak Orth (Aaron),  David Lyons (Monroe) and writer David Rambo.