SDCC 2018: The Purge Mini-Series Press Coverage

A movie about America becoming lawless for 12 hours a year has worked four times, but can it work on TV? The cast and producers of The Purge mini-series talk about the challenge during San Diego Comic-Con.

SDCC 2017: Psych: The Movie Reunion Press Room

Just when you thought you weren’t going to have be on the look out for pineapples any longer, the gang from USA Network’s Psych are coming back – big time!  With Psych: The Movie arriving in December, you have plenty of time to rewatch the full 8 (!) seasons and dust off your favorite pick-up […]

SDCC 2017: Colony Press Room

Season 2 of USA Network’s Colony left us with quite the finale. The Bowmans are on the run from LA – Snyder along for the ride – and an uncertain future for Broussard. While the cast and creators couldn’t give us details about the next season, they could share with us their observations on their […]

Buffy and Mr. Robot: How Tragedy Changed Their Season Finales

USA Network’s decision to delay the season finale of “Mr. Robot” because a scene is similar to the fatal shootings of two TV reporters in Virginia is making people recall how tragedy delayed the season finale of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 16 years ago.

SDCC 2015: Colony Press Room

On Friday, the cast of USA’s new show Colony stopped by the Hilton Bayfront to tease about what is in store for the show and the characters

Review: Dig 1.01- “Pilot”

USA Network’s newest mini-series, Dig, is a religious conspiracy theory mixed with a murder mystery. It’s a fun show to watch, with incredible scenery and a fantastic cast. Check it out!

Review: White Collar 6.06 – “Au Revoir”

Once a con, always a con, which is fine with Neal Caffrey — and us — in the series finale of White Collar.

Review: White Collar 6.05- “Whack a Mole”

Neal appears to be holding back from everyone he’s close with, but is there more than meets the eye on this episode of White Collar?

Review: White Collar 6.04- “All’s Fair”

No man — or in this case, Mozzie — is an island on this week’s White Collar.

Review: White Collar 6.03 – “Uncontrolled Variables”

As Mozzie would say, “The Suit” meets “Le Suit” and it’s all about who has the ultimate control in this episode of White Collar.