Serenity Rides Again! Entire Cast Reunites for Firefly Online

New Firefly RPG announced at SDCC 2014.

Rocksteady Bids Good “Knight” to Arkham with Swan Song Batman Game

And this time… you get to drive the Batmobile!

Bioshock’s Irrational Games “Winding Down”

Looks like the future of the Bioshock franchise is finite after all.

Review: “I Know That Voice” – A Tribute To Voice Acting

John DiMaggio, best known as the voice of Jake on Adventure Time and Bender on Futurama, decided to help produce a movie to show people what his job is like.

For Bioshock Infinite DLC, prepare to be enraptured

Booker and Elizabeth are back…and this time, they’re going back to where it all began.

So Long, Knights of Good

It’s the end of an era. Felicia Day recently announced in Reddit  that season six of The Guild is the end…at least for now.  After the jump, my thoughts about it….
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Cosmic Flypaper: A “Journey” You Won’t Soon Forget

To those who ask if there exists a video game worthy of being considered art, Whedonopolis’ new blog Cosmic Flypaper have a one-word answer….

Dragon Age Redemption DVD Review

It’s been a year since people got a taste of Felicia Day’s webseries, DragonAge Redemption. Now, the six-part webseries has just been released on DVD, and available online. It looks just as good on your TV as it does on computer screens.

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