DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.16- “Legendary”

The freshman year of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow finishes with the Vandal Savage Storyline. Our team finishes their first mission with a cliffhanger connecting to the DCU.

DC Legends of Tomorrow 1.14 & 1.15 “River of Tomorrow” & “Destiny”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is so on a roll! “River of Time” and “Destiny” are two of the stronger episodes of the season! The psychological warfare of the first episode only compliments the mayhem of the second, and both wreak huge consequences that change the show.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.13- “Leviathan”

Vandal Savage once more becomes our team’s focus, traveling to his present where he will only be days before killing Rip’s wife and son.  This is a battle Savage believes he has been prepared to fight for centuries.  Fortunately for the Legends, nothing goes as planned, not even for Savage. **** Spoilers Follow**** From the […]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.12- “Last Refuge”

The Time Masters continue in their goal of removing the Legends from history entirely. Last week, the hunters failed, so the Captain Hunter’s former agency takes the next step in their protocols. It is our team going against the Time Master’s Pilgrim.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.11- “Magnificent Eight”

After the success of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s crossing over with Stephen Amell in “Star City 2046,” several fans had high expectations of Jonah Hex guest starting this week in “The Magnificent Eight” and we were not disappointed.

DC’s Legend of Tomorrow 1.9- “Left Behind”

Unlike Arrow, the CW’s youngest DC show returns from its hiatus stronger, and with more purpose. Honestly, after watching the promo, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to watch Legends of Tomorrow, I am glad I was so wrong.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.06-.07 “Star City 2046” & “Marooned”

One of the episodes all Arrow fans had waited for was DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s crossover with Stephen Amell in “Star City 2046.” There were several gems throughout for fans of both shows, but the best effect would be watching “Star City 2046” and “Marooned” together as, of all characters, Heatwave takes center stage in both episodes.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.04-.05- “White Knights” & “Fail Safe”

The Cold War, the Pentagon, the former Soviet Union; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow enters the 80’s. The last two episodes first split the team into various units, then forced some unique team ups. Most importantly is the lead into this coming week’s episode.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.03- “Blood Ties”

Our Legends continue to develop this week dividing again into multiple units. Some trying to continue their pursuit against Vandal Savage, some trying to help a dying Kendra, and a third team trying to change their history

DC’s Legend of Tomorrow- “Pilot Part 2”

Last week I suggested that the CW made a mistake by splitting the premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. After watching the second part, there is no doubt how much better the two parts would have been if they had been premiered together. Our Legends become a unified team, Vandal Savage becomes even more dangerous, and death awaits our heroes, yet again.