Wish You’d Been There 2- Fangoria’s Convention Report – Conclusion

After the great shows James Marsters put on Saturday, Sunday rolled around and we dragged ourselves out of bed after a very late night that involved almost getting run over by a bus on Broadway (in view of the generosity, courtesy and affability of New York drivers, who are not afraid to either use the horn until you’re deaf or cut in front of you, even if it means leaving you trapped in the intersection with a bus headed your way) and the serious consideration of the hotel growing legs and moving away from us, or at least crossing through a portal into another dimension.

Wish You’d Been There…Whedonopolis.com Visits Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit: Conclusion

It’s very funny how sometimes nature can interfere with reporting duties, but that’s exactly what happened as I was getting ready to cover James Marsters’ second (and shorter) panel. Therefore, I missed the first half of the first question, but I can still give you an accurate report of what was said in it. Get ready, for here it comes…

Wish You’d Been There… Whedonopolis.com Visits Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit, Part 2

After having started the weekend in an awesome way, what with James’ panel and concert, Sunday rolled around and it was time for us to go to work again. Doug Jones (the lead Gentleman on "Buffy", Abe Sapiens in "Hellboy" and Pan and the Pale Man in "Pan’s Labyrinth" was first up) for us, after his photo ops and before his autograph session (which, let me tell you, was incredibly popular.)