Julie Benz on Darla, Dexter and Defiance at Wizard World Sacramento

Julie Benz says she likes to likes to portray complicated characters, and she certainly has: a vampire, the wife of a serial killer, and the former mayor of a post-apocalyptic town. She talked about these roles when she was one of the featured guests during Wizard World’s first convention at the Sacramento Convention Center.     […]

James Marsters Talks About Buffy, Music and More at Wizard World Sacramento

He’s been a vampire, a time traveler, an evil alien, and even an astronaut. He’s also got a band that includes his son.
He is James Marsters, and he talked about both of his careers during Wizard World Sacramento this past weekend.

Chris Hemsworth Is A Big Hit at Wizard World Sacramento

Wizard World Sacramento was a major hit over the weekend thanks to a great list of guests including Chris Hemsworth. He packed the ballroom at the Convention Center to talk about being Thor, and working with Tom Hiddleston, and how he prepared for “Rush.” He’s also preparing for “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Wizard World A Big Success In Sacramento

Wizard World’s first Sacramento convention this past weekend was so popular, it’s already announced its return next year, and possibly 2016.

Wizard World Comes To Sacramento

Wizard World makes its first visit to Sacramento March 7-9 with a great lineup including Julie Benz, James Marsters, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker and Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead, Bruce Campbell, WIlliam Shatner and Stan Lee

Wizard World Anaheim Wrap Up with Melinda Clarke, Scott Porter, Doug Jones, Camden Toy and Jewel!

For three days in April, Hollywood traveled south to the city of Anaheim for the Anaheim Comic-Con put on by Wizard World magazine. Mostly devoid of big Hollywood in-your-face promotions, this was a smaller, gentler and friendlier convention for the true entertainment geek. Part comic book convention, part autograph show, the event had a little of something for everyone.


Wizard World Anaheim 2010: Mark Lutz

Fans of Angel know him as the Grooselugg of Pylea, but Canadians also know him for a acclaimed TV-movie about one the country’s greatest swimmers.

Mark Lutz is a man of many of many talents, and he appeared at Anaheim Wizard World this past weekend. It was the first time he’s been to a Wizard World event in about four years.

Two Gentlemen of Hush Meet Fans at Wizard World Anaheim

When they’re not wearing makeup, they’re not always noticed. Still, Doug Jones and Camden Toy are well known by Buffy fans for their quiet and scary performances as the Gentlemen from the classic episode, "Hush".

Both were part of this past weekend’s Wizard World Anaheim