WonderCon 2010: Cast of Chuck Talks About Keeping Secrets And Faith

Just like unlikely spy Chuck Bartowski, the role he plays every Monday on NBC, Zachary Levi is concerned about keeping secrets.

He was reluctant to say what he’ll be doing as Chuck wraps up its third season later this spring because he claims there’s a mole revealing spoilers to other websites. He even said he didn’t get the last few pages of the season finale until just a few days ago.

Still he can understand why. "To me, it always boggles my mind that people would wan to spoil that stuff anyway," he says. "It takes away the whole experience of any show."

Levi and co-stars Joshua Gomez and Adam Baldwin were careful not to reveal too much during the final day of WonderCon this past Sunday, They talked to reporters just two hours before a surprise showing of "Chuck vs. the Other Guy," an episode that revealed some big changes.


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